Parent Coaching

My parent coaching approach

As a parent we all come from our own set of core beliefs and values. What happens to our children when we co-parent from the same household or separate households where the core beliefs/values are varied? What can we do to create harmony and peaceful coexistence within a family? You may have challenging kids with emotional, medical, or educational issues that are straining your parental toolbox. Parent coaching gives you the opportunity to have confidential, non-judging, and unbiased support with a professional, helping you discover your own wisdom as a parent. The SOLUTIONS to all our parenting concerns lie within all of us, waiting to  surface.  Our creative answers to our parenting issues are as varied and unique as our children. 

Parent coaching helps individuals and couples sift through strategies to build cohesiveness in parent-parent and child-parent relationships.  Typically, our own parenting skills come from our own parents, friends, self-help books and our own experiences growing up. Everyone develops a “do/don’t list” in their heads as he or she starts the parenting journey. We all have good intentions.  As the parenting journey proceeds, however, parents are confronted with unexpected challenges and unique, stressful situations that seem difficult to resolve.  This is the perfect time to re-examine what one wants in regards to family unity:

  • How do we work as a family unit with constant interior/exterior obstacles? 
  • How do we carve out time for family connection?
  • What is working well in my parenting skill set versus what is not?
  • What do I want to shift in my own parenting experience?
  • How am I taking care of myself physically and mentally to be in the best shape for my kids? 

Most often we parent the way we were parented or the exact opposite.  We cherry pick. The variables change with each child we parent. One size does not fit all. What do I desire in how I approach my own parenting and co-parenting? I believe as an educator and parent coach each client has core beliefs and a plethora of life experiences to be an amazing parent and weather any “parental storm”. Unpacking the parenting concerns with a supportive parent coach is key to moving forward in life. We are all capable of great things, especially our kids.  

I believe that each parent has the wisdom and answers within. As a Parent Coach I will ask you empowering questions, utilize coaching tools that will assist you in overcoming parenting obstacles, and guide you through an action plan that can help you parent from a place of freedom and alignment with your family values.  Set up your discovery session with Coach Monica today @ (507) 200-1567 or email: