As a certified life coach and licensed teacher in the state of Minnesota, I bring to my coaching sessions an understanding that all clients have a deep internal wisdom which can be vetted out by powerful questions around the client’s personal and/or career goals. As an educator, I taught through the inquiry approach to effectively communicate to/with my students.  Inquiry based questions reveal what students already know about themselves and the world, and then relevant discussion/instruction flows from this.  For example, “What do you know about trees?” posed to kindergarteners will have varying answers depending on individual life experiences and previous knowledge. Some students may answer,

“Trees are made by God.” 

“Trees need dirt, water and sunshine to grow.” 

“Trees provide shelter and food for birds and other animals, like us.”

This inquiry approach is also used in life coaching. When was the last time you genuinely asked deep, important questions of yourself based on your own values and understanding of the world? As your life coach, I lead you through creative exercises and keep you focused on your goals all while holding space for you to ponder and explore your next best move/decision. Coaching sessions are confidential, creating a safe environment to be your true self and to explore possibilities during times of transition.  Change is inevitable so it is in how we respond to internal and external changes that make for a satisfying, purpose driven life. 

Some clients need a coach to foster a plan for change.  Some need help discerning their priorities.  Some desire accountability in meeting their goals ...and so much more.  You will be asked how open you are to making a step towards your desired goal and what steps you are willing to make. You will be in control of your progress and path. You choose the intensity of each session. Building a trusting relationship between client and coach is key to our success as we work together.

I am a worldly, dynamic, and passionate life coach who lives with purpose in the freedom and fun of seeing others in how they show up each day. I love what I do and welcome a “get to know you” session by phone. 507-200-1567 or email: Peace.